28. 6. 2022

Advertising refreshment with FreshSmile


FreshSmile is a personalized promotional item.

Glass tubes filled with 18 liquid mint beads closed with a plastic stopper.
Decorated with a sticker with your LOGO or blister. Papermint FreshSmile: THE ONLY double capsule in the world. One bead contains 2 liquid capsules. The outer one melts on the tongue. Internal in your stomach. This creates a very strong and long-lasting double effect for long-lasting fresh breath.
Shelf life: 2 years.

We now offer several variants of FreshSmile:
FreshSmile Tube
FreshSmile Box
FreshSmile Blister
FreshSmile Slices
FreshSmile oral spray

FreshSmile Box
CoolCaps BOX has a unique "one by one" system.
It is made of polypropylene and contains 40 beads of liquid mint with a double effect. Decorated with a sticker with your LOGO or message.

FreshSmile Blister
Cardboard box with 24 beads of liquid mint protected in a blister pack. The cardboard packaging is printed digitally. The size of the case is 98 mm x 70 mm. Ideal size for pockets, cars,… Also a wide space for communication. The perfect solution for trade fairs, meetings and events. Also ideal for mail.

FreshSmile Slices
The package contains 24 mint strips. We will stick a 4-color sticker around it. Front side 40 x 26 mm.

FreshSmile Oral spray
200 mouth sprays provide a breath of fresh air. The spray is sugar-free, hyperconcentrated in liquid form. It is made in Belgium and is completely made with flavors of vegetables and natural mint.
Sugar-free, alcohol-free, this spray is an ideal breath freshener.
It will give you a really fresh breath before meetings in your pocket or in the car.
The sticker measuring 68 x 45 mm offers huge space for YOUR logo.

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