2. 3. 2022

New product Energit vitamins and energy


Vitamin and energy tablets in tin boxes. Easily soluble refreshing tablets with a delicious fruity taste have been on the market for over 25 years and today offer an innovative sugar-free recipe in six lines - energy tablets For drivers, vitamin tablets suitable for eye fatigue (For eyes), tablets with vitamins or minerals (Multivitamin, Immunity, Magnesium). Energit can supply you with energy, necessary vitamins and minerals.


Energit MULTIVITAMIN - Strengthen your body and immune system by combining 8 vitamins and natural sea buckthorn extract in vitamin tablets with a fresh orange flavor.

Energit IMMUNITY - Strengthen immunity with tasty raspberry-flavored vitamin tablets with zinc, natural rosehip extract and vitamin C.

Energit FOR THE EYES - Help your tired eyes with delicious blueberry-flavored vitamin tablets and natural extracts, zinc and vitamin C.

Energit FOR DRIVERS - Top up your energy with delicious cherry-flavored energy tablets containing guarana and vitamin C.

Energit MAGNESIUM - Shake off fatigue and exhaustion with tasty pineapple-flavored vitamin tablets and contain magnesium, vitamin C and B6.

Energit VITAMIN D3 - Strengthen immunity with tasty cranberry tablets with cranberry flavor and content of vitamin D3, vitamin C and natural acerola extract.


Minimum load: 100 pcs

Production period 4 - 5 weeks

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